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In this challenge we will create a solid strategy so that you can approach app development with a clear plan to get the results you want.

The Five Day Plan Covers

Day 1 - Plan your app experience

Finding Your Niche

Defining Your Audience

Creating a Addicting Experience

Day 2 - Organize Your Content for Optimal Engagement

What content will your app have for people to absorb around the clock 24/7

Day 3 - Build out your app features

I will provide you a list of mobile app feature you can start with today to begin building functionality in your mobile app.

You will take a provided checklist and make sure your business has the information, systems or tools to leverage these mobile app features.

Day 4 - Determine best money model

How will your app make money

How much will you charge

Who is going to pay you

Day 5 - Launch strategy

How will people know about your mobile app?

How will you get downloads?

How will you retain app users?

How will you continuously drive traffic?

Hi, I’m Sydney Davis

I am the founder and developer at Tequity and business strategist for implementing technology. I have won numerous pitch competitions for my tech solutions, supported over 250 entrepreneurs and earn a quarter million in sales the web, app development and tech consulting.

I am happy to hold your hand to make sure you feel confident about stepping into the tech space.

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